This is the most common island to find people on, and where a lot of people end up traveling to better themselves, as find their wealth, or just because they were born. Homeland is rather large, being the second largest known island in all of Oceana, at about 65,000 sq miles. Homeland Island has not been fully explored, but that is the duty of one of the many guilds located on the island, the Explorer’s Guild.

Homeland is also the name of the city that resides on the island, but most people refer to the entire island commonly as Homeland for simplicity sake. The city is about 2,500 sq miles, with most of it skirting along the shore, in a very rough oblong shape. There is not much beach within the city limits due to the very fact that the port is so massive (a required aspect of any prosperous town stuck to a large island), but people are known to hang out under the docks, especially those who are homeless and guildless. There is a 1,000ft tall wall separating Homeland from the wild’s, opposite the port, and jetting out several hundred feet out to sea from the shore where the port ends on each side, creating a large U around the city. This wall has a large and thick metal door, about 30ft tall and 10ft thick, and door that is constantly guarded, allowing only members of certain guilds, or guild members of certain standing, to pass through them. If one is to look up at the gate, leaves can almost be seen from the jungle immediately outside the wall, giving an idea just how monstrous the outside world beyond might be. The top of the wall has not been seen by many people and is considered very dangerous. Not much can get up that high, but the things that can do not play very nice, so the top of the wall is also under constant guard, and heavily fortified with cannons and other armaments.

Many guilds are present on Homeland Island, including The Guild of Hunters, The Guild of Butchers, and The Guild of Bakers, just to name a few. Every profession that there ever could be has a guild associated with it, and that guild has at least one house on Homeland Island. Guilds are primarily a way for people to earn pay, collecting on posted contracts, as well as provide with a nice and healthy capitalistic environment where only those that succeed are rewarded. If someone wants a new cook for their restaurant, they go to The Guild of Chefs, post a listing, wait for responses, then pick the best person suited for the job.

The Guild of Hunters and The Guild of Explorers are where young people without a skill, or whose skill is in trying to die, go in an effort to make their name and money, as it’s fairly easy to join up due to being the the only two guilds in existence to not have an aptitude or skill test barring entry. The Guild of Hunters is a bit chaotic, as it requires proof of kill to advance in ranks, as well as the ability to navigate the treacherous wilds beyond the city. Many join this guild, but not many succeed at it, at least not by themselves. The Guild of Explorers works on a very similar basis, and a lot of hunters are also explorers, and vise versa. Incidentally, these two guilds are also the only two in the city that share a guild hall. Commonly, members of either guild are called Outgoers, for obvious reasons.

Guilds, shops, homes, and all manner of entertainment can be found on the streets of Homeland, with most of the guilds remaining at the center of town where a large fountain sits always flowing over with fresh water. This fountain is actually a spring, and is the only source of fresh water that has been found, and is accessible, on Homeland. No one knows how long the spring will last, or how far down it goes, but Homeland has sustained success for a few hundred years so many assume that the water will last forever. This fountain, however, is the only reason for Homeland’s success as a town. Fresh water, and things that require water (some items as simple as bread, and even metal working) are the reason people stop here. Water merchants come to speak with Homeland’s mayor, but most are turned away before they even leave the port.

The only real things of note, other than Homeland being large and surrounded by a huge wall, is that there are no churches or places of worship. This is because religion is explicitly banned, and has been for longer than anyone can remember, but as it usually does not come up, it is almost as if the gods do not exist, but, thankfully, neither do demons. What little scholarly work is done on religion, or past religions, is done in secret, because it will be quickly silenced by an unknown force, and done so harshly. On occasion, maybe once or twice in a single person’s lifetime, do they hear about someone looking into past cults or deities, but then you also hear about how their house randomly burned down and that they ate all their pets and killed themselves in a freak mental episode, almost as if possessed. Necromancy, and similar such things are also heavily restricted and acted upon in much the same way, but there are also tales of such people moving out into the wilds beyond and claiming their own space to practice their vile arts. Magic, itself, is not banned, and there are a few wizards and sorcerers about, but they are few, far between, and do not organize under additional penalty of law.


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