How Magic and Mages are Treated


Some magic is regulated, and some is not. The kind of magic oriented character you want to play might be affected by these in-world rules, so please be aware of them. I, as the DM, will NOT, be putting limits on your character mechanically, only through world lore.

Rarity of Magic Users: About 10% of the population are active magic users. About 40% of the population is magically inclined.

Free/Open Use: Harmless tricks or illusions and all healing magic that does not come at the expense of caster or others.

Magic of this variety is allowed to be openly used in public and around other citizens. This includes minor illusions like “Dancing Lights” and healing spells like “Aid.”

Illegal To Use In Town: Any and all destructive magic. (Anything that causes damage.)

Any magic that would result in causing harm or destruction is STRICTLY forbidden in town, but many mages/sorcerers join the Hunter’s Guild (or the local law enforcement) to get a real use out of their abilities. This includes, Fireball, Acid Splash, etc.

Illegal But Practiced Anyway: Manipulative Magic. If caught, instantly results in being imprisoned.

Anything that can manipulate the mind of a target and/or make them do something against their own will (Charm Person, Command, etc). This also includes things that could help, or be seen as helpful, like Calm Emotions.

Illegal AND Considered Immoral: Necromancy, Summoning and Transformations. Depending on severity, results in anything from city debt, to imprisonment or kill on sight.

Anything that alters or befouls the body is seen as not only illegal but a crime against nature and the natural order to things. Additionally, anything that could be seen as an “act of god” in creating or manipulating life, is also illegal. This includes raising dead, transforming yourself into non-human and creating/summoning beings into existence. This also includes things like Stoneskin, because it makes your skin unnatural and rough.

Ineffective: Any magic requiring a deity of some sort, or access to another realm of existence.

This includes a lot of Cleric and Warlock spells, as well as teleportation and some summons. Some other reasoning will be required to make these spells work, or they can not work.

Note: Characters may take any spells available to them upon leveling up that they have access to, but will be subject to these in-world rules for each spell. Many who venture out beyond the wall ignore the legality of spells, and some ignore the morality of spells, but not all. Also of note is that you will not always be under Dominica’s harsh rules and regulations, and that you will eventually be at sea.

How Magic and Mages are Treated

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