Heroes of Homeland

Your Guild Life Begins
Greetings, Outgoer.

YOU ARE an Outgoer, a fresh new member to the Guild’s Hunter and/or Explorer. Your reasons are your own, but most join for either glory or money, and still there are others who see themselves as having no other options, or there are those who have even been forced to join due to having their rights to other guilds taken from them (thieves or those in debt to the city).

YOU HAVE a very specific set of skills and will be grouped up with others with other specific skills in the hopes of creating a specific group of specific skills capable of handling basically anything they stumble upon. You might know other Outgoers in your new group, but, largely due to the size of the city and the number of recruits that sign up as an Outgoer, it is highly unlikely you will. YOU ARE required to work with this group if you wish to succeed in any missions presented to you, or if you wish to simply survive out beyond the wall. (Not everyone needs to know survival, not everyone needs to know how to heal, and not everyone needs to know how to fight, but without these things all together, you may never return, or at least not alive.)

YOU DO NOT have to be a native of Homeland, but MUST be from one of the small nearby islands. The islands are close enough to Homeland that it would be easy to get there by boat, but there is not much on these islands to begin with. These outer islands are usually family owned/operated farms and ranches. Traveling farther than the local islands is very difficult and not many sailors have the skill to handle the deeper waters or the dangers they hide. The captains that do have this ability, or are crazy enough to try, are very picky about who joins their crew and usually hier from Hunter and Explorer guilds. Ship hires do not happen very often.

YOU ARE human. There are tales and stories of other types of humanoids existing, but if those stories are fiction or history continues as a debate by many scholars.

YOU MAY belong to a second guild, allowing you to have a profession to pursue in downtime.

YOU ARE young-ish. This is supposed to be your entry into adult life, getting into your first guilds, etc. No character over the age of 20, no younger than 16. This is a HUGE DEAL sociologically speaking! Your guild represents, to others, who you are and what you do. It will be a common question among folks you first meet. Being an Outgoer is usually frowned upon as it is seen as one of the least successful options available.

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